Amoha Vape Pen Battery


510 Thread Pen and Battery with USB Charger with adjustable voltage settings. Works with all Amoha vape cartridges, as well as other 510-thread carts.

To provide the most comfortable and natural vaping experience, we utilize a quartz coil in all of our cartridges. The quartz allows for vaping at lower temperatures due to more efficient heating. This preserves more of the flavors and provides for a smoother cleaner inhale. Try vaping on the lowest heat setting before increasing.

Directions for Use:
On/Off: 5 quick clicks
Change heat setting: 3 quick clicks
Pre-heat: 2 quick clicks (will show rainbow color when pre-heat is finished)

3 Heat Settings:
Low/White (1.6v) – Recommended for our Amoha vape carts
Med/Blue (2.2v)
High/Red (2.8v)

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